UB Improvise Control

Hello everyone! For a few weeks, I took a short break from playing and writing and playing Magic and worked more on improving my Hearthstone skills. However, I am back with a decktech for a really interesting deck I was talking about during the spoiler season. The deck is a UB Control deck, that has a few artifacts cheap artifacts that help fuel super efficient removal and counterspells, such as Battle at the Bridge and Metallic Rebuke.

Merchant’s Dockhand is a cheap early game play as a blocker and also can fuel improvise cards. However, it also provides a lategame card advantage and selection engine. Prophetic Prism is an early game redraw and mana smoother, and also works well fueling improvise cards. Metalspinner’s Puzzleknot works in the same way, with the added bonus of being able to draw another card when it’s not needed to fuel improvise anymore in the later game.

Here are the main cards that benefit from playing a lot of cheap artifacts. Just tapping a unneeded artifact such as Prophetic Prism or Metalspinner’s Puzzleknot that you have can lead to explosive turns where you kill a creature, draw a few cards, and still leave up a counterspell for opposing threats or answers.

We also have two cards that act as large beaters in the late game against control decks. Herald of Anguish generates so much card advantage when left unanswered, and Metalwork Colossus can wade through a storm of removal when playing the control mirror.

Decklist: UB Improvise Control

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Standard RG Land Destruction

Hello everyone! Today, we try to destroy some lands in Standard! However, it’ll be a little awkward, since land destruction now costs four mana.


To get land destruction on turn three, we play some mana dorks to start destroying lands on turn three.


We have fifteen land destruction spells, some of them have extra versatility or effects. Sometimes, we incidentally will face off against Aetherworks Marvel or Aetherflux Reservoir, and just wreck them.

Crumble to Dust is good, because every deck plays two or more colors, so there will always be a valid target.


Combustible Gearhulk is very powerful with the high concentration of four mana spells, and it’s also just a really big beater. World Breaker not only doubles as land destruction, it also is able to keep on coming back, since we run two Wastes and four Evolving Wilds.

Decklist: Standard Land Destruction

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Standard Naya Gearhulk Reanimator

Hello everyone! Today, we’re going to do get some fast Gearhulks in Standard. The deck can consistently get Gearhulks out turn four, but it can also play the late game, grinding out value, which is what the deck is really meant to do. A turn four Gearhulk is good, but consistently getting them back is even better.


Cathartic Reunion and Tormenting not only let us pitch Gearhulks into the graveyard, they also allow us to dig through our deck to help find the cards we need.


Nahiri serves two functions in this deck: It can help us pitch Gearhulks into our graveyard and improve our overall hand quality, but it also acts as a piece of our control plan, offering conditional removal. The ultimate can also just get another Gearhulk into play, which isn’t too unrealistic, with all the removal in the deck, and the fact that she gains two loyalty off of her first ability.


We have some removal spells to help deal with more aggressive decks. Galvanic Bombardment has added synergy because we might end up with some copies in the graveyard due to all our self-discard spells.

radiant flames

Radiant Flames is a nice sweeper that we can usually converge for three on turn three if we need to clear the board of aggressive creatures.


Combustible Gearhulk is an impressive threat in the deck, with all the high cost Gearhulks that it’s loaded with, so sometimes we’ll just get three cards off of it. Cataclysmic Gearhulk comes down and stabilizes the board against faster decks, and is a reasonably sized beater. Verdurous Gearhulk is not only good as five mana for eight power, it’s great to put the four counters on a creature without summoning sickness to get in some hasty damage out of nowhere.


Servant of the Conduit is a critical piece of the deck because it helps accelerate the combo, and it can also just get a turn three Nahiri to start locking down the game.


Refurbish is the way that we’re going to get our Gearhulks out of the graveyard. We can frequently cast it turn four with all the digging we have, and a turn four Verdurous Gearhulk backed up with tons of removal is always a good place to be.

Decklist: Standard Naya Gearhulk Reanimator

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Standard Grixis Emerge

Hello everyone! Today, we’re going to go over a Grixis Emerge/ Dredge-y deck. It’s super powerful, and can really go off sometimes.


We have both Tormenting Voice and Cathartic Reunion to discard some of our graveyard creatures on turn two. They keep us stable of cards, but they also put cards in the graveyard that we want in the graveyard.

On turn one, we have Lightning Axe, which kills every creature in the format other than a lot of the Eldrazi. Insolent Neonate cycles, and often gets in a damage or two before you have to sacrifice it.


Scrapheap Scrounger is a really aggressive beatdown creature, which is what we want, and he can exile lands and other useless cards out of your graveyard to get him back if he dies. Stitchwing Skaab and Haunted Dead not only help us fill up our graveyard and they keep on coming back if they die. Haunted Dead also leaves behind a spirit token.


Prized Amalgam adds a little bit of extra value to our recursion creatures, because it comes back whenever we bring back any of our recursive creatures.


We also have some emerge creatures to get extra value out of recursive creatures. Elder Deep-Fiend can tap down a bunch of blockers, or you can flash it in on opponent’s turns to tap down their lands. Distended Mindbender is a really nice way to strip your opponent’s hand of any cards that can hurt our strategy.

Decklist: Grixis Emerge

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Standard Mono R Artifact Aggro

Hello everyone! Today, I bring you a deck tech for a nice mono red deck that can win really fast.


Bomat Courier is just a card that I’m crazy about. It’s just so much value on a one drop. It’s even better in this deck, because this deck really wants to get hellbent. Cracking it on turn three or four and then playing whatever you get from the face down pile is a nice way to get hellbent. Inventor’s Apprentice is going to be a 2/3 a large percentage of the time. There are 28 artifacts in the deck.


Lupine Prototype is one of the benefits of playing a really aggressive deck, because we can often attack with it on turn three, if we hit it on curve. Smuggler’s Copter is not technically a creature, but it’s really good. Starting to get in for three every turn and cycle through cards is just really what we want to be doing.


Foundry Inspector, with the 28 artifacts in our deck, just saves us so much mana. Chief of the Foundry pumps up basically every creature. It even makes Smuggler’s Copter a 4/4!


Reckless Bushwhacker is a finisher that we can play after we’ve already filled the board with small creatures. It often adds another 6-7 damage to the board, especially since it itself has haste.


Fleetwheel Cruiser is a really good vehicle, because it adds five power to the board out of no where. It’s crew cost is also quite undercosted. Metalwork Colossus provides a nice late game plan. We can often get it out turn five or turn six, and it’s really big. We can also keep getting it back.


Ghirapur Orrery is really good because the extra land drop doesn’t really help anyone after turn four, because they’ve already played most of their lands. The draw three cards if you’re hellbent effect is also very powerful, and this deck is very good at getting hellbent. Key to the City can help you draw some extra cards, and then give your big beaters like Lupine Prototype or Metalwork Colossus unblockable.



We also have Galvanic Bombardment for some removal or extra reach.

Decklist: Mono R Artifact Aggro

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Temur Tempo in Standard

Hello everyone! Today, we’re going to do some Temur Tempo in Standard. It’s a deck that runs a combination of efficient creatures, removal, counterspells, and pump spells. It’s really fun to play.


Bomat Courier is a nice creature that I talked about earlier, in the Kaladesh spoiler season. It’s a 1/1 with the upside of refilling your hand in the late game. Kessig Prowler is just a one mana 2/1 with late game value. Village Messenger is a one mana 1/1 haste with upside. These are all slightly above curve (taking haste into account), and all translate into the late game somewhat decently.



Our two drop creature spot is pretty uncrowded, since a lot of our reactionary spells/ removal spells are two drops, and we can also just play a pair of one drops on turn two, since we have a plethora of those. Voltaic Brawler is probably the most efficient two drop in Standard for this deck, because it can attack for four in two subsequent turns.


We run three different three drops, though no more than two of each. Nebelgast Herald is a nice reactionary spell that can tap something down end of turn, or just tap down a blocker if you’re going all in. It can also just flash in and block or come in to provide another two damage. It’s pretty flexible. Sin Prodder is a 3/2 menace, so it has some built in evasion, and it can provide some extra damage with it’s other effect, or draw us a few cards. Hanweir Garrison is mostly played as a one-of so that sometimes we can get it melded with Hanweir Battlements some small fraction of the time. It can also just attack for four damage as a three drop.



Blossoming Defense is a nice card that can get in some extra damage and blank a removal spell.

Harnessed Lightning synergises with Voltaic Brawler, and can provide some damage to remove blockers. Galvanic Bombardment is also used to clear out blockers, and it gets really good as the game goes long, and you get more copies of it.


Attune with Aether helps you mana fix, because we are a three color deck, with a small blue splash. It also provides energy for Voltaic Brawler and Harnessed Lightning. It might be a little too congested in the one drop slot, but it might work.


Revolutionary Rebuff is a nice card in this deck. I like it because you can one drop and then leave up this and a few other spells. It’s often just a straight up two mana counterspell, which I like.

Decklist: Temur Standard Tempo

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UB Kaladesh Metalwork Colossus Deck


Today, we are going to turbo out Metalwork Colossus in Standard! Let’s do it! The main idea is going to be to turbo out Metalwork Colossus with a huge board of artifacts, so you can keep on bringing it back if needed.

We have a nice suite of mana rocks/ mana creatures to help boost the artifact count and to get more mana to spend on Metalwork Colossus.

These two artifacts can help you draw a few cards to help you find the Metalwork Colossus. It also helps to boost your artifact count.

Foundry Inspector helps us get our artifact count up by reducing the artifact costs. Filigree Familiar is a nice little creature that can gain us some life, and can draw us a card when it blocks an attacker or is sacrificed to Metalwork Colossus.

Key to the City is a nice way to cycle through cards and getting through our Metalwork Colossus. Glint-Nest Crane is a nice way to get a few points of damage in and to dig a through our deck for our Metalwork Colossuses or some more artifacts to up our artifact count.

Decklist: UB Metalwork Colossus

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