UB Improvise Control

Hello everyone! For a few weeks, I took a short break from playing and writing and playing Magic and worked more on improving my Hearthstone skills. However, I am back with a decktech for a really interesting deck I was talking about during the spoiler season. The deck is a UB Control deck, that has a few artifacts cheap artifacts that help fuel super efficient removal and counterspells, such as Battle at the Bridge and Metallic Rebuke.

Merchant’s Dockhand is a cheap early game play as a blocker and also can fuel improvise cards. However, it also provides a lategame card advantage and selection engine. Prophetic Prism is an early game redraw and mana smoother, and also works well fueling improvise cards. Metalspinner’s Puzzleknot works in the same way, with the added bonus of being able to draw another card when it’s not needed to fuel improvise anymore in the later game.

Here are the main cards that benefit from playing a lot of cheap artifacts. Just tapping a unneeded artifact such as Prophetic Prism or Metalspinner’s Puzzleknot that you have can lead to explosive turns where you kill a creature, draw a few cards, and still leave up a counterspell for opposing threats or answers.

We also have two cards that act as large beaters in the late game against control decks. Herald of Anguish generates so much card advantage when left unanswered, and Metalwork Colossus can wade through a storm of removal when playing the control mirror.

Decklist: UB Improvise Control

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Fantastic Beasts Tribal and Where to Find Them



Today, we deck tech a beast tribal deck with Gahiji as the commander.

Wirewood Savage is a nice card draw engine that’s harder to find in Naya. Krosan Warchief helps reduce costs for beasts, and regenerate them to improve combat or to regenerate in response to a boardwipe. However, the quality of beast tribal drops off a lot after that.

Shaleskin Bruiser gets really big and scary with all the beasts in the deck. Krosan Groundshaker helps give your really big creatures trample to get in extra damage.

Grave Sifter is not only a beast, it also gives you all of your beasts back. Though some other tribal deck can also get their creatures back, your deck should probably benefit the most, since Grave Sifter is a combat-oriented deck with a lot of creatures dying. Ravenous Baloth de-incentivizes removal and boardwipes, since you can just sacrifice in response to gain a bunch of life.



There are many fantastic beasts running around the Contested Cliffs. There are also quite a few in the plains, mountains, and forests.

You can fill in the rest of the deck with a bunch of big beaters and tribal cards (Obelisk of Urd, Coat of Arms, etc.).

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Commander 2016 Deck Review and Upgrades: Open Hostility – Saskia the Unyielding

Hello! Today, we do the fifth and last Commander 2016 deck review: Open Hostility. If you want to purchase any of these deck, you can purchase them here.


The Saskia deck is the big beater deck of the bunch. It’s pretty focused, it has a bunch of token producers, anthem effects, and a lot of big beaters. Saskia helps the aggressive deck function, because the flaw of playing an aggressive deck is that after you burst down one player, you can’t muster the power the defeat the rest of them. Saskia helps you take down two players at one time, to try to prevent getting behind too much.

Improved Decklist: Saskia Improvements

What I did was I took out the cards that don’t contribute towards the aggressive goal of the deck, to not slow it down too much. I added in some more anthems and big beaters, to burst people down even faster.

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Commander 2016 Deck Review and Upgrades: Entropic Uprising – Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder

Hello everyone! This is the fourth deck review for Commander 2016! Today, we look at Entropic Uprising. If you want to purchase these decks, you can get it here. Doing so will give me a small cut of the money spent, allowing me to host cool giveaways and competitions like I’ve done in the past.


The Yidris deck is a little less coherent than the other decks, since Yidris is a value engine and harder to build around, but the deck still isn’t maximized to get Yidris hitting consistently, which is what you want. It has a lot of wonky cards that I don’t really understand why they’re in there.

Improved Decklist: Yidris, Maelstorm Wielder Improvements

What I did with the improvements was add a bunch of cards to give Yidris unblockable so he can get in every turn. I also added in a bunch of double strike granting cards to give “cascade, cascade” to all of our cards. Last, I added in a bunch of extra combat phase cards to get even more cascade triggers for our spells.

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I feel like being mean, a deck tech

Hey everyone. I’m back. Let’s do a deck tech.


Turn two blood moon? This is where it starts. Any deck with maindeck Blood Moon is a good one.

A neat little land destruction combo for the early game to not get behind too much. Adds in a little bit of late game of being able to rebuild from a Bust.

Crucible of Worlds and Ghost Quarter give a reusable land destruction engine to the deck, allowing you to pick out all the basic lands and then start using Ghost Quarter as a Strip Mine.


Just some standard stuff. Coupled with Simian Spirit Guide, it can come out turn two. Molten Rain also deals some incidental damage.

Fulminator Mage is a beater that can double as land destruction, or vise versa. Lightning Bolt is to pick off creatures or to grind down the opponent.

Surgical Extraction can strip opponent’s decks of vital lands, such as Tron lands. Crumble to Dust is not only land destruction, it also strips vital lands out of opponent’s decks.


A way to keep lands tapped down, and a way to drain down the opponent.

Decklist: RW Land Destruction

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Commander 2016 Deck Review and Upgrades: Breed Lethality – Atraxa, Praetor’s Voice

Today, we do the third Commander 2016 deck: Breed Lethality. We’re going to go over the current deck, and then talk about how we would improve it, keeping the deck under 50$, taking the 35$ MSRP into consideration. You can purchase the decks here: here.


The Breed Lethality deck is a very high synergy counter-based deck with a lot of utility creatures, with a few large curve topping creatures. Though I brewed a different brew of the deck, this version is also very powerful.

Improved Decklist: Atraxa Improvements

What I did is take out some of the less synergistic cards and slot in some more synergistic cards to grind out more value in the midgame.

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Standard RG Land Destruction

Hello everyone! Today, we try to destroy some lands in Standard! However, it’ll be a little awkward, since land destruction now costs four mana.


To get land destruction on turn three, we play some mana dorks to start destroying lands on turn three.


We have fifteen land destruction spells, some of them have extra versatility or effects. Sometimes, we incidentally will face off against Aetherworks Marvel or Aetherflux Reservoir, and just wreck them.

Crumble to Dust is good, because every deck plays two or more colors, so there will always be a valid target.


Combustible Gearhulk is very powerful with the high concentration of four mana spells, and it’s also just a really big beater. World Breaker not only doubles as land destruction, it also is able to keep on coming back, since we run two Wastes and four Evolving Wilds.

Decklist: Standard Land Destruction

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