UB Improvise Control

Hello everyone! For a few weeks, I took a short break from playing and writing and playing Magic and worked more on improving my Hearthstone skills. However, I am back with a decktech for a really interesting deck I was talking about during the spoiler season. The deck is a UB Control deck, that has a few artifacts cheap artifacts that help fuel super efficient removal and counterspells, such as Battle at the Bridge and Metallic Rebuke.

Merchant’s Dockhand is a cheap early game play as a blocker and also can fuel improvise cards. However, it also provides a lategame card advantage and selection engine. Prophetic Prism is an early game redraw and mana smoother, and also works well fueling improvise cards. Metalspinner’s Puzzleknot works in the same way, with the added bonus of being able to draw another card when it’s not needed to fuel improvise anymore in the later game.

Here are the main cards that benefit from playing a lot of cheap artifacts. Just tapping a unneeded artifact such as Prophetic Prism or Metalspinner’s Puzzleknot that you have can lead to explosive turns where you kill a creature, draw a few cards, and still leave up a counterspell for opposing threats or answers.

We also have two cards that act as large beaters in the late game against control decks. Herald of Anguish generates so much card advantage when left unanswered, and Metalwork Colossus can wade through a storm of removal when playing the control mirror.

Decklist: UB Improvise Control

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Atraxa Voltron Commander Spotlight!


Atraxa, Praetor’s Voice is a commander that I want to brew in a different way: a Voltron commander that uses proliferate in conjunction with +1/+1 counters, -1/-1 counters, charge counters and poison counters.

Armory of Iroas is a way to start piling on +1/+1 counters onto Atraxa. Banshee’s Blade is another way to get Atraxa more powerful, since you can only get one +1/+1 counter per turn.

Blade of the Bloodchief is another way to start putting counters onto Atraxa. Grafted Exoskeleteon is a way to give Atraxa infect, so even if Atraxa can’t kill the opponent in one hit, you can get them poisoned and start to proliferate them to death.

Opaline Bracers is not only powerful because we’re in a four color deck, but also because it offers a way to grow Atraxa by more than one power per turn. Sigil of Distinction offers the same opportunity as Opaline Bracers, a way to grow Atraxa with ways besides +1/+1 counters.

Umezawa’s Jitte is another way to use proliferate in creative ways. It can be used to punch in extra damage or shoot down utility creatures. Ring of Xathrid is a way for Atraxa to dodge boardwipes or targeted removal, and it also starts the +1/+1 counter engine.

Ring of Kalonia not only starts the +1/+1 engine, it also allows Atraxa to punch in damage through flying blockers. Ring of Evos Isle is a way to dodge targeted removal, which is useful if you can’t find Lightning Greaves or Swiftfoot Boots for your commander.

Deepglow Skate is just amazing in this deck. It can double almost anything, besides poison counters. Bred for the Hunt is a way to generate some card advantage while punching in damage.


Hardened Scales is also really good in this deck, because it usually doubles the counters, because most +1/+1 counters come in instances of one.

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Bant Modern Multicolor Tribal!

Today, we brew a really powerful and original deck. This is an idea I had when looking through some old cards, and seeing the “-blade” cycle. This deck can get really insane, playing 3/3 fliers for one mana, and 9/9s for four mana. The deck plays incredibly efficient creatures while disrupting the opponent. Let’s get brewing!


We play twenty-eight creatures, so it just makes sense to play cards that help us get our creatures out cheaper and faster. These cards are powerful yet unexciting, but trust me, the rest of the deck is guaranteed to excite.




Judge’s Familiar will be important for other reasons later, but this card is just amazing when it helps to disrupt a combo or stave off a removal spell or boardwipe. Threat of activation is just amazing on this card, and it’s also just a 1/1 flier for 1, which allows it to start getting in for one per turn very early on.


Following up a turn one Judge’s Familiar, these cards come down as 3/2s with upside. Bant Sureblade isn’t amazing, but the first strike allows it to attack through a lot of other creatures. Naya Hushblade just provides an attacker that just keeps beating, and can’t be stopped by removal spells that slower decks rely on to defend against aggressive decks. Esper Sureblade is the best by a reasonably wide margin, since it’s almost guaranteed to get in for three damage per turn.

Meddling Mage is just a nice card to play because it plays into the multicolor theme, and it also just stops a lot of decks in their tracks. Voice of Resurgence also plays into the multicolor theme, and is also just a great, efficient creature.


Knight of New Alara is our “lord” for this deck. For any of the “-blade” creatures, they get +3/+3. Judge’s Familiar gets +2/+2, and Transguild Courier gets +5/+5. Though it’s vulnerable, when it doesn’t get reviewed, you just straight up win.

Decklist: Modern Multicolor Tribal

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Undervalued Commanders: Reveka, Wizard Savant


Today, we talk about a seriously under-valued Commander for the EDH format. It doesn’t seem powerful, but paired with a bunch of cheap enchantments and equipment, it’s a powerful deck that is also very competitive.

Basilisk Collar is a powerful equipment because you can use Reveka to shoot down creatures. Gorgon’s Head does the same.

Ophidian Eye and Curiosity keeps your hand full and lets you keep on stacking on the enchantments and equipment on Reveka.

Pemmin’s Aura and Freed from the Real are just too good with Reveka. Just strap on a few enchantments or equipment and start machine gunning creatures. It can get really out of hand with these types on effects.

Magewright’s Stone and Thousand-Year Elixir help you get an extra ping from Reveka, and Thousand-Year Elixir can also give you an extra ping on the turn when you drop it.

Dismiss into Dream is also a card kind of like the deathtouch equipment, although it can also hit things with Indestructible, since they have to sacrifice it. Sigil of Sleep is a great card because when you ping an opponent, you can bounce one of their creatures. With Pemmin’s Aura and Freed from the Real, you can reduce people’s board state with Sigil of Sleep, and it’s only one mana.

Charisma and Willbreaker can help you steal other people’s commanders to mess up their gameplans or you can steal really big creatures to further your own gameplan.

Fatestitcher also helps you get an extra tap off Reveka or can help mess with some extra stuff like tapping down attackers. Illusionist’s Bracers doubles up the number of pings you get off of Reveka, and is especially powerful with Pemmin’s Aura and Freed from the Real.

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Standard Grixis Emerge

Hello everyone! Today, we’re going to go over a Grixis Emerge/ Dredge-y deck. It’s super powerful, and can really go off sometimes.


We have both Tormenting Voice and Cathartic Reunion to discard some of our graveyard creatures on turn two. They keep us stable of cards, but they also put cards in the graveyard that we want in the graveyard.

On turn one, we have Lightning Axe, which kills every creature in the format other than a lot of the Eldrazi. Insolent Neonate cycles, and often gets in a damage or two before you have to sacrifice it.


Scrapheap Scrounger is a really aggressive beatdown creature, which is what we want, and he can exile lands and other useless cards out of your graveyard to get him back if he dies. Stitchwing Skaab and Haunted Dead not only help us fill up our graveyard and they keep on coming back if they die. Haunted Dead also leaves behind a spirit token.


Prized Amalgam adds a little bit of extra value to our recursion creatures, because it comes back whenever we bring back any of our recursive creatures.


We also have some emerge creatures to get extra value out of recursive creatures. Elder Deep-Fiend can tap down a bunch of blockers, or you can flash it in on opponent’s turns to tap down their lands. Distended Mindbender is a really nice way to strip your opponent’s hand of any cards that can hurt our strategy.

Decklist: Grixis Emerge

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4-Color Modern Wall Tribal Infinite Combo

Hello everyone! Today, I’m going to talk about an infinite combo deck in Modern. The way it works is enchanting Axebane Guardian with Crab Umbra and Freed from the Real and then tapping Axebane for mana, and then using Crab Umbra or Freed from the Real to untap it, and repeat, generating infinite mana as long as you have enough defenders on the battlefield.


We have a couple different accelerants. Overgrown Battlement can produce a lot of mana, although it can’t combo off, since it produces only green mana. The other two creatures are both nice mana producers that also have defender so they boost your defender count.


We also have a few walls with the sole purpose of defending. Steel Wall turn one blanks most one and two drops, and Fog Bank blanks everything, and doesn’t even die to bolt Wall of Denial has shroud, so it can’t die to removal at all, and blocks anything in Modern besides maybe Tron.


Sphinx’s Revelation can draw you into Banefire, as long as you don’t deck yourself. Banefire, along with infinite mana, means infinite uncounterable damage. Pretty good.


Jeskai Barricade is not only a defender, but it also can protect your creatures from removal or unfavorable blocks. Chord of Calling can tutor up Axebane Guardian for the combo at instant speed, and it has favorable interactions with Wall of Roots.

Decklist: Wall Tribal

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UB Kaladesh Metalwork Colossus Deck


Today, we are going to turbo out Metalwork Colossus in Standard! Let’s do it! The main idea is going to be to turbo out Metalwork Colossus with a huge board of artifacts, so you can keep on bringing it back if needed.

We have a nice suite of mana rocks/ mana creatures to help boost the artifact count and to get more mana to spend on Metalwork Colossus.

These two artifacts can help you draw a few cards to help you find the Metalwork Colossus. It also helps to boost your artifact count.

Foundry Inspector helps us get our artifact count up by reducing the artifact costs. Filigree Familiar is a nice little creature that can gain us some life, and can draw us a card when it blocks an attacker or is sacrificed to Metalwork Colossus.

Key to the City is a nice way to cycle through cards and getting through our Metalwork Colossus. Glint-Nest Crane is a nice way to get a few points of damage in and to dig a through our deck for our Metalwork Colossuses or some more artifacts to up our artifact count.

Decklist: UB Metalwork Colossus

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