Full Spoiler of Aether Revolt!

Today, Aether Revolt was fully spoiled. You can see the full spoiler here. However, in this post, I want to talk about two cool infinite combos that were spoiled and will be legal in Standard.

Felidar Guardian and Saheeli Rai are a nice turn four infinite combo that can win on turn four. This seems almost like the Splinter Twin combo. Though this can be a very fast combo to assemble, you can run a WUR Control shell and run these cards as a win condition, dropping them both in the same turn to win the game so your opponent can’t interact.

Crackdown Construct and Wandering Fumarole are another infinite combo that can be run in a UR control shell. Baral’s Expertise is very good in this deck, because it can clear the board to open up the board for Crackdown Construct so you win the game, while also dropping a Crackdown Consulate, though it’s a little more fragile to removal and also needs the board to be clear or needs Crackdown Construct to be unblockable.

I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about these combos because I thought these were cool. What do you think? Comment below!



Aether Revolt Spoiler Highlights of Jan 5!


Zari Kev, Skyship Raider is pretty cool. It’s a pirate, and it makes legendary monkeys! Though it doesn’t seem great in standard as a 1/3. Keep in mind that the monkey getting exiled also triggers revolt, so this card is pretty good with other aggressively costed revolt cards. Seems good with the revolt creature that is a 3/2 for 2B and gives a creature -3/-3 if one of your permanents left the battlefield this turn. I really want this card to be good, but the fact that it’s a 1/3 really holds it back.


Most threaten effects aren’t that good, but there’s a lot of potential in this one. In addition to giving you a creature for the turn, it also allows you to drop another creature while your at it. A small number of them seem good in aggressive decks to swing the game against more midrange-y decks so they can’t stabilize.


Herald of Anguish is a very powerful card. A deck I really want to see is one that uses clue producing cards to cheat out big improvise cards. This big demon not only impacts the board when it comes down by making opponent’s start to discard cards, it also has the ability to sacrifice clues to shoot down creatures.


In Emerge decks, this card is almost as good as Bloodbraid Elf, allowing you to pull more low cost emerge fodder from your deck when you sacrifice it to emerge a big Elder Deep Fiend or Distended Mindbender. Also decent in some of the trinket-y artifact commander decks that generate value by sacrificing artifacts and bring them back.

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Aether Revolt Spoiler Highlights of Jan 4!


Baral, Chief of Compliance is a great card in a Mizzix commander deck or other decks related to that Mizzix. It helps you reduce costs and helps you cycle through your deck.


Baral’s Expertise could be a nice big impact Standard card. It bounces a bunch of creatures to clog up your opponent’s hand and cheat out a threat or a removal spell.


Indomitable Creativity is a really amazing card. It’s a big X spell Chaos Warp. People were already upset about how Chaos Warp was outside of red’s color pie, but this is even more powerful and should go into any red commander deck as a way to deal with problematic creatures or artifacts.


Gifted Aetherborn is a really pushed black creature. It fits right into any black based aggressive deck. It’s Vampire Nighthawk that costs one less and doesn’t have flying.

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Aether Revolt Spoiler Highlights of Jan 3!


Rishkar’s Expertise is a nice card in a green midrange deck that can be used to draw a new hand of cards and cheat in a big threat like a Verdurous Gearhulk.


Yahenni is a nice commander that is powerful with a lot of boardwipes. Sacrficing a creature to give Yahenni indestructible and then get a bunch of counters on Yahenni is pretty powerful. It can kill people in one or two shots with commander damage.


Release the Gremlin is a nice commander card that can take out a few artifacts with a few extra tokens.


Rishkar is a very good commander because it can start getting counters on a bunch of other creatures then ramp into big green cards.

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Aether Revolt Spoiler Highlights of Jan 2!


Fatal Push is a great removal spell in Modern and Legacy, where a fetchland mana base makes this into an almost unconditional removal spell. In Standard, it’s still just an answer to Copter and other aggressive threats, though it could be powerful in decks such as GB delirium, which use cards like Vessel and Evolving Wilds that send themselves to the graveyard, and which play a very grindy game that involves trading off lots of creatures.

Gonti’s Aether Heart is a very good commander card in any deck that uses a lot of cheap artifacts. Metallic Mimic is a lord for all tribes that can take a slot into any tribal commander deck and maybe make a small impact in Standard with some token decks.

Sram is a nice enchantress for the aggressive vehicle decks. It not only synergizes with Depala by being a dwarf, it gives you a card for playing Skysovereign or Smuggler’s Copter. Sram’s Expertise seems good in a token deck, where it can cheat in a Oath of Ajani. It could also be the top end of an aggressive vehicle deck, though that’s a little less likely.

Greenbelt Rampager seems like a sweet piece in an aggressive energy deck. The deck has been short a few cards, but Greenbelt Rampager provides an efficient one drop that can dropped right after an Attune the Aether or as a one mana play to get an energy. Winding Constrictor is good in any commander deck that wants to play around with counters, whether that be Meren with experience counters, or Atraxa, proliferating all over the place.


An Ornithopter reprint with beautiful art. Nice reprint, though Ornithopters were nothing close to expensive due to the M15 reprinting.

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Aether Revolt Spoilers! Paradox Engine and Planar Bridge


Hello everyone! Today, we have spoilers of two mythic Artifacts from Aether Revolt that are also going to be printed as Masterpieces. I am a Johnny, but I really think this card could be constructed playable in a deck with a bunch of mana dorks and rocks, chaining draw spells together, with Thermo-Alchemist as a possible win condition, because it gets two untaps:  one from the draw spell and one from Paradox Engine. I will probably do a deck tech some time this week or next week.


I also think Planar Bridge is constructed playable. I think it slots right into Modern Tron. You turn three Tron into Planar Bridge, then start pumping out Eldrazi Titans, Karns, or Ugins right away. It’s cool that it says permanent, opposed to creature, so it can search out planeswalkers.

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