Wizards Emergency Ban Incoming!

Magic: the Gathering tweeted this tweet out approximately an hour ago from the release of this article. They announced that they will move the Banned & Restricted list announcement from next Monday to 11AM this Monday. This will be the second emergency ban, the first one being the emergency ban of Memory Jar in Standard.

As for what will be banned, this ban is most definitely a pre-emptive ban to ban some card out of Aether Revolt before too much brewing ensues. As for likely culprits, the most likely is probably Felidar Guardian out of the “Standard Splinter Twin Combo”. As I wrote about in my previous article, this combo is quite powerful. Though they could ban Saheeli, Saheeli has more uses outside of the combo than Felidar Guardian has.

What do you think are the likely culprits? Comment below!



5 thoughts on “Wizards Emergency Ban Incoming!

  1. Huh. This deck seems too fragile to be worth banning… the mana fixing in standard isn’t that great right now, so playing three colors is a legitimate cost, and Saheeli is actually a quite fragile planeswalker. Trying to curve Saheeli into Guardian gives opponents a good chance to kill Saheeli, since she comes in with modest loyalty and does not protect herself. Playing Guardian first to attempt the turn-five win might be more sound, since its four toughness protects it from a lot, but it’s still quite killable at instant speed (Grasp of Darkness, Murder, Stasis Snare, Harnessed Lightning with spare energy, Unlicensed Disintegration).

    I’d keep an eye out for a ban of Emrakul or Aetherworks Marvel–if the Saheeli/Guardian combo is worth banning, so is Aetherworks (really, I would argue that Aetherworks goes off on turn four more consistently, since players can’t interact with Aetherworks before it gets used if the player casting it already has six energy), and there’s been some generally reasonable rumblings that Emrakul is overpowered, especially when delirium decks can get four blockers with reach into play on turn five with Ishkanah.


  2. I agree with beholdplaneswalker. One piece of removal breaks the combo, even Shock on Saheeli.
    I hope it is something else like Marvel which strangleholds this standard or something from Delirium decks because there is 0 graveyard removal in 3 blocks so there is nothing that can be done to Ishkanah.


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