Aether Revolt Spoiler Highlights of Jan 5!


Zari Kev, Skyship Raider is pretty cool. It’s a pirate, and it makes legendary monkeys! Though it doesn’t seem great in standard as a 1/3. Keep in mind that the monkey getting exiled also triggers revolt, so this card is pretty good with other aggressively costed revolt cards. Seems good with the revolt creature that is a 3/2 for 2B and gives a creature -3/-3 if one of your permanents left the battlefield this turn. I really want this card to be good, but the fact that it’s a 1/3 really holds it back.


Most threaten effects aren’t that good, but there’s a lot of potential in this one. In addition to giving you a creature for the turn, it also allows you to drop another creature while your at it. A small number of them seem good in aggressive decks to swing the game against more midrange-y decks so they can’t stabilize.


Herald of Anguish is a very powerful card. A deck I really want to see is one that uses clue producing cards to cheat out big improvise cards. This big demon not only impacts the board when it comes down by making opponent’s start to discard cards, it also has the ability to sacrifice clues to shoot down creatures.


In Emerge decks, this card is almost as good as Bloodbraid Elf, allowing you to pull more low cost emerge fodder from your deck when you sacrifice it to emerge a big Elder Deep Fiend or Distended Mindbender. Also decent in some of the trinket-y artifact commander decks that generate value by sacrificing artifacts and bring them back.

What do you think? Comment below!









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