Aether Revolt Spoiler Highlights of Jan 4!


Baral, Chief of Compliance is a great card in a Mizzix commander deck or other decks related to that Mizzix. It helps you reduce costs and helps you cycle through your deck.


Baral’s Expertise could be a nice big impact Standard card. It bounces a bunch of creatures to clog up your opponent’s hand and cheat out a threat or a removal spell.


Indomitable Creativity is a really amazing card. It’s a big X spell Chaos Warp. People were already upset about how Chaos Warp was outside of red’s color pie, but this is even more powerful and should go into any red commander deck as a way to deal with problematic creatures or artifacts.


Gifted Aetherborn is a really pushed black creature. It fits right into any black based aggressive deck. It’s Vampire Nighthawk that costs one less and doesn’t have flying.

What do you think? Comment below!


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