Aether Revolt Spoiler Highlights of Jan 2!


Fatal Push is a great removal spell in Modern and Legacy, where a fetchland mana base makes this into an almost unconditional removal spell. In Standard, it’s still just an answer to Copter and other aggressive threats, though it could be powerful in decks such as GB delirium, which use cards like Vessel and Evolving Wilds that send themselves to the graveyard, and which play a very grindy game that involves trading off lots of creatures.

Gonti’s Aether Heart is a very good commander card in any deck that uses a lot of cheap artifacts. Metallic Mimic is a lord for all tribes that can take a slot into any tribal commander deck and maybe make a small impact in Standard with some token decks.

Sram is a nice enchantress for the aggressive vehicle decks. It not only synergizes with Depala by being a dwarf, it gives you a card for playing Skysovereign or Smuggler’s Copter. Sram’s Expertise seems good in a token deck, where it can cheat in a Oath of Ajani. It could also be the top end of an aggressive vehicle deck, though that’s a little less likely.

Greenbelt Rampager seems like a sweet piece in an aggressive energy deck. The deck has been short a few cards, but Greenbelt Rampager provides an efficient one drop that can dropped right after an Attune the Aether or as a one mana play to get an energy. Winding Constrictor is good in any commander deck that wants to play around with counters, whether that be Meren with experience counters, or Atraxa, proliferating all over the place.


An Ornithopter reprint with beautiful art. Nice reprint, though Ornithopters were nothing close to expensive due to the M15 reprinting.

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