Aether Revolt Spoilers! Paradox Engine and Planar Bridge


Hello everyone! Today, we have spoilers of two mythic Artifacts from Aether Revolt that are also going to be printed as Masterpieces. I am a Johnny, but I really think this card could be constructed playable in a deck with a bunch of mana dorks and rocks, chaining draw spells together, with Thermo-Alchemist as a possible win condition, because it gets two untaps:  one from the draw spell and one from Paradox Engine. I will probably do a deck tech some time this week or next week.


I also think Planar Bridge is constructed playable. I think it slots right into Modern Tron. You turn three Tron into Planar Bridge, then start pumping out Eldrazi Titans, Karns, or Ugins right away. It’s cool that it says permanent, opposed to creature, so it can search out planeswalkers.

What do you think? Comment below!



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