The New Frontier: Frontier


Today, we discuss Frontier, the emergent format known that has also been dubbed postmodern, because it has the same parameters as Modern. The aim of Frontier is to create a new eternal format, but one that is more accessible for newer players, since many of the staples are still in print or were recently printed.

A major share of current Modern players purchased current modern staples while they were cheaper and more accessible. However, the barrier to entry for Modern rose and rose as cards got older and more expensive, and it’s nearly impossible for someone like me, who started playing in Innistrad, to enter Modern without spending absurd amounts of money.

The point of Frontier is to create a new Modern, and it’ll do just that. It offers a new easier jumping in point for players who want to buy into a new Eternal format. However, this has all of the same flaws of Modern. If it catches on, in a few years, it will be just as hard to enter as Modern is now. Unless they’re going to make a new format every couple years, you can’t keep prices down.

“When players that cannot keep up with the Standard
format, are thinking of starting Modern, cards
that represent Modern like 《Tarmogoyf》 and
《Liliana of the Veil》 are very expensive to buy and
and hard to get a hold of. From a card shop perspective,
these cards are hard to recommend to customers,
and is a risk for shops to have a big inventory of.”

This is nothing but a temporary reprieve from the expensiveness of Modern. They’re solving a problem with a short term solution that will fix nothing. All it will do is create a second Modern that will continue to grow in price as it ages and the card pool increases. It’s like damming a river with some wood that will eventually crumble. In the end, it’s not a real solution.


There is no solution. You can have a non-rotating format that doesn’t get expensive as the cards get older. It’s just impossible.





3 thoughts on “The New Frontier: Frontier

  1. You guy’s are killing magic I have played from day one I’m now thinking about selling my cards thanks fir fucking up the greatest card game ever


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