New Sets: Atlazan? Conquest of Power?


Recently, these images appeared in Magic: the Gathering survey, according to a reddit user.

Wizards confirms that these images are legit and real. Then it gets vague. I may be getting a little picky here, but it says the purpose of the survey was to test packaging design concepts, which really addresses the issue of the survey, not the authenticity of the new block. This neither confirms or denies whether the sets Atlazan and Conquest of Power are real or fabricated.

If “Atlazan” turns out to be an authentic set, many say that it will have a mesoamerican vibe, indicated by the closeness of the name to Aztlán, an Aztec city. The art on the Atlazan packs also shows Ajani and a Vraska-likeness.

What do you think? Comment below!


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