Aether Revolt Spoilers! Tezzeret, Master of Metal and Heart of Kiran


Tezzzzzzzzeret! Tezzeret has been confirmed for Aether Revolt. Keep in mind that this is the planeswalker deck version, so we can hope for a more Constructed playable version as the non-planeswalker deck version. However, I think this is just a fine addition to any artifact deck that contains the colors blue and black.

Heart of Kiran is a pretty busted card. It’s the Copter’s big brother. It will slot right into any of the Vehicles decks, as it is crewed by a Veteran Motorist or a Thalia. It can also play some defense, since it has vigilance. As an alternative, it can also be crewed by the two Gideons that the decks run, which is nice if you need to go on a big attack, since you can +1 Gideon and keep all your creatures untapped, though you don’t gain any loyalty counters of Gideon that turn. Threat of activation of having it block when you have a Gideon on the battlefield is also a real threat. A Standard control deck with curving this into Liliana and using it as an large evasive threat also seems really sweet. It’s a sweet vehicle with uses in both controlling and aggressive deck. Likely to be 20$+ throughout the Standard season.

What do you think? Comment below!


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