Aether Revolt Spoilers! Pia’s Revolution, Disallow, Battle at the Bridge, Dark Intimations!


Dark Intimations seems like a nice payoff for playing a Grixis control deck in Standard, netting you a four-for-one. Dark Intimations also hints at a new Bolas soon for the Standard environment. It might be cool to curve this into a new Bolas in Grixis Control.


Battle at the Bridge seems okay with Clues, I like it with Tireless Tracker. I’m not sure if it’ll see that much play, but it might be good in the right environment.


Disallow is a nice versatile counterspell for Standard, that can also counter an Emrakul trigger or Crew ability. It might help more Control decks emerge, especially with Dark Intimations and Yahenni’s Expertise.


Pia’s Revolution seems cool for EDH, it might be okay in a Vehicles deck that wants put a ton of pressure on the opponent, but playing a do nothing three drop seems pretty weak.

What do you think? Comment below!


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