Undervalued Commanders: Mageta the Lion


Mageta the Lion is very powerful, and when I stumbled upon it, I was surprised that it didn’t see more play. It seems amazing with a bunch of indestructible creatures, because then it’s a boardwipe that kills every creature you don’t control.

The gameplan of the deck is to make your creatures indestructible, so Mageta can’t kill them, and then beat your opponents down with big creatures. There is also a sideplan of being able to reanimate cards that you discard off of Mageta.

Shielded by Faith and Darksteel Plate are both decent cards that can save a single creature from Mageta’s wrath. Make a Stand is sometimes just a win condition, because when you cast it, you’re the only person with creatures.

Deathless Angel and Soul of New Phyrexia are both creatures that save your team from Mageta’s effect. They’re just so powerful with Mageta. I don’t understand how people don’t play Mageta with these cards, because wiping everyone’s boards is just so powerful.

Avacyn, Angel of Hope and Archangel Avacyn are both just more ways to save your own creatures from Mageta’s effect, and are also just big beaters to help you win the game.

The deck can also attack from a different angle, using reanimation effects to bring back large creatures discarded with Mageta’s effect. This is a way to not only take advantage of discarding with Mageta, but to also cheat things out earlier than they would hit the board if they were cast conventionally.

What do you think? Comment below!


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