Aether Revolt Spoilers! Yahenni’s Expertise, Trophy Mage, and Scrap Trawler!


Hello everyone! Today, we have our first Aether Revolt spoilers! Keep in mind that these are unofficial, and there is a low possibility that they are fabricated (Kaladesh puns), but for the purposes of this article, let’s assume that they’re real and will be released into any format that they’ll be legal in.


First up, we have Yahenni’s Expertise. This cards is pretty absurd. It’s standard’s new four mana boardwipe, replacing Languish. This will help control decks in Standard, giving them a turn four answer to the myriad of aggressive decks in the format. It also let’s you cast a spell with mana cost three or less from your hand, which is just value in Standard, letting you pair it with something like Grasp of Darkness to finish off a creature, but it’s just absurd in Modern. In Modern, it offers a way to cast Ancestral Visions, Living End, Lotus Bloom, and Balance while also giving you the ability to wipe the board.


Trophy Mage (it’s a cycle with Treasure Mage and Trinket Mage) lets you get an artifact with exactly three mana cost. The only really worthwhile artifacts at three to get right now in Standard are Filigree Familiar and Foundry Inspector. I would play it in some sort of Panharmonicon deck with Foundry Inspectors, Glint-Nest Cranes, this card, and gearhulks, though. Maybe Aether Revolt will provides some three drops with build around abilities akin to Aetherflux, Atherworks, and Panharmonicon.


Scrap Trawler seems good in the RB artifact aggro decks, as it allows you to get back copters and couriers when it dies. I could see a build also running a couple Chieves of the Foundries to fetch back even more copters when they die if you wanted to cut some of the non-artifact creatures and go all in on the artifact theme.

There is one more card in the back, Quicksilver Rebel, but Scrap Trawler is obstructing it, so I can’t see exactly what it does.

What do you think? Comment below!


5 thoughts on “Aether Revolt Spoilers! Yahenni’s Expertise, Trophy Mage, and Scrap Trawler!

  1. Wellp, Yahenni’s Expertise is going to make the red-green energy aggro deck I’m just finishing building obsolete. Very powerful–that’s going to be a sweet Game Day promo if this is real.

    I wonder if this mean’s we’ll be getting a card for Yahenni, and if they’ll play a role in the Aether Revolt story. They were the narrator of one of the Kaladesh stories, and they are an aetherborn who is about to die, and has been restraining themself from draining others’ life force to sustain their life. Perhaps they join the revolt and use their ability to life drain consulate soldiers…

    I also wouldn’t sleep on Trinket Mage–this feels like the sort of card where WotC is going to make it real in a block or two by printing something really powerful at CMC 3 (like they did with Demonic Pact and Harmless Offering).


    1. Also, while I wish they would switch back to story spotlight moments for the Game Day playmats (my Anguished Unmaking playmat is one of the jewels of my Magic collection, and I loved the look of the Zendikar Resurgent mat from Oath), that Ajani playmat is sweet–this is probably the most excited I’ve been about the chance to play for a “planeswalker closeup” playmat.


      1. You’re right, the story spotlights do have a lot of significance, but they might fear that less enfranchised players won’t understand them, so they go for the flashiest planeswalkers.


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