Commander 2016 OTP: Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa


Today, we look at the best pairings for Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa!

Pairing #3 : Tymna and Sidar

Why? : Tymna the Weaver draws you extra cards for using tiny creatures to poke in with Sidar’s ability. Tymna is also two power, so Tymna can also get in with Sidar’s ability.

How? : In this version of the deck, you’ll want a lot of small value creatures, such as Eternal Witness, Mentor of the Meek, and Reclamation Sage. The deck is basically an Abzan Weenie deck, with a lot of low power creatures with powerful ETB triggers or other effects that peck in for a few points with Sidar’s ability, and draw you cards with Tymna’s ability.

However, the commanders don’t have much intrinsic synergies, you have to play a bunch of extra creatures to start benefitting from our commanders, so they’re only number three.

Pairing #2 : Silas and Sidar

Why? : Sidar Kondo provides evasion for Silas Renn to get in to bring back those powerful artifacts from the graveyard.

How? : The deck wants lots of equipment for Silas Renn to bring back. However, these equipment can’t boost his power, because if his power is higher than two, then Sidar Kondo won’t provide evasion for him.

However, they’re number two because the One True Pairing is just absurdly powerful and synergistic.

One True Pairing : Animals

Why? : Tana, the Bloodsower not only gets evasion from Sidar, it also generates tokens that also get evasion from Sidar. Naya is also a color combination that has a lot of other token generators, which are also good alongside Sidar Kondo.

How? : This decks wants lots of token makers, token doublers, anything of that ilk. Cards such as Purphorous and Impact Tremors are also very powerful in this deck. Anthems that don’t augment power are also powerful, as you want to keep the power of the tokens under or equal to two.

What do you think? Comment below!


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