Going Infinite on MTGO, Ended


I’m afraid I have to end this so soon after it started. It’s been so time-consuming, and seemingly impossible that I think I have to take another break. I’ve spent another six dollars and about eight hours grinding to no avail. It’s been a tax on myself and on my free time, which I usually spend writing.

To go infinite, you need to have two things: a tier one deck, and lots of experience playing it. I had neither. I had a 2 TIX deck that was badly positioned in the format, and I was playing it for the first times of my life. This is because you need a 60% win rate to grind out any value after about five hours of play. You’re probably better off getting a side job at McDonalds. You’re probably better off playing slots, from what I’ve seen. Going infinite is never going to be efficient. You need lots of money and time, confirming my earlier ideas about MTGO.

In conclusion, I’ve basically confirmed what I said in my earlier article. I’m going to take a long hiatus from MTGO and maybe revisit it if they make it any better. Until then, enjoy my other articles and again, sorry for abruptly ending this series.


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