Commander 2016 OTP: Vial Smasher and ???


We’re back again, continuing the series with the best pairings for the new partner commander Vial Smasher!

Pairing #3: Ravos & Vial Smasher

Why? : Vial Smasher gives you bonuses when you slam down big creatures, and Ravos helps you bring them back so you can slam them back down again. In these colors, you have a slew of giant dragons, angels and demons to chose from.

How? : In this version, you’re going to want to be a more controlling deck. You build up some mana with some mana rocks, slam a big fatty, get in, and then sacrifice it to bring it back with Ravos, to keep on getting damage from Vial Smasher. The deck should run lots of big creatures and sacrifice outlets. Creatures with enter the battlefield effects are the best, as you can keep bringing them back to recur the effect while using Vial Smasher to throw huge amounts of damage around.

However, they’re number three because though I like what they’re doing, it doesn’t fully utilize Vial Smasher’s ability, because he wants to be playing spells on opponent’s turns too.

Pairing #2: Lightning Here, Lightning There

Why? : Kraum and Vial Smasher don’t seem highly synergistic, but they are. With a deck filled with counterspells, you can counter the first spell an opponent plays, giving you a Vial Smasher trigger. Their first spell will be countered, and they will be dis-incentivized from playing a second spell, since you’ll get a Kraum trigger to help mitigate the lost value from playing counterspells, which are traditionally bad, since they trade one for one.

How? : Lots of counterspells, preferably ones with extra benefits and higher costs so we can throw around more damage with Vial Smasher.

However, this is number two because number one is just absurdly powerful.


I’d love to list another deck, but this one is just brutally powerful. I don’t even want to talk about it anymore. Just look: EDHREC. X spells and ramp. That’s it, folks.

What do you think? Comment below!


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