Why I don’t Play MTGO


There are a few reasons that I don’t play MTGO. It isn’t the bugs, I think the interface is actually pretty good, though it’s not optimal. It’s mostly this: I don’t want to pay another couple hundred dollars to buy a deck when I already have such a sizable paper collection.

I would play way more MTGO if it wasn’t so expensive. I think of it as a video game, but Wizards doesn’t. I’m not willing to build a whole other collection at a non-reduced price when I already have a perfectly fine collection in real life. Wizards doesn’t think of it as a video game, where additional money is not needed besides the preliminary payment and any desired in game purchases, they think of it as a second Magic, simply a digital version of Magic: the Gathering.

Would you start a second collection from the ground up when you already had one that was perfectly fine. I wouldn’t.



4 thoughts on “Why I don’t Play MTGO

  1. This is why I don’t play MTGO as much as I’d like. The players who do shell out the money to build competitive decks are impossible to defeat with the base set of cards you get when you sign up.

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