Fantastic Beasts Tribal and Where to Find Them



Today, we deck tech a beast tribal deck with Gahiji as the commander.

Wirewood Savage is a nice card draw engine that’s harder to find in Naya. Krosan Warchief helps reduce costs for beasts, and regenerate them to improve combat or to regenerate in response to a boardwipe. However, the quality of beast tribal drops off a lot after that.

Shaleskin Bruiser gets really big and scary with all the beasts in the deck. Krosan Groundshaker helps give your really big creatures trample to get in extra damage.

Grave Sifter is not only a beast, it also gives you all of your beasts back. Though some other tribal deck can also get their creatures back, your deck should probably benefit the most, since Grave Sifter is a combat-oriented deck with a lot of creatures dying. Ravenous Baloth de-incentivizes removal and boardwipes, since you can just sacrifice in response to gain a bunch of life.



There are many fantastic beasts running around the Contested Cliffs. There are also quite a few in the plains, mountains, and forests.

You can fill in the rest of the deck with a bunch of big beaters and tribal cards (Obelisk of Urd, Coat of Arms, etc.).

What do you think? Comment below!


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