Commander 2016 OTP: Kydele and ???


We’re back again with the best pairings for Kydele. We’ll go over a few pairings, and then talk about the OTP.

Pairing #3 : Hands, and lots of em’

Why? : Kraum provides a control element to supplement Kydele coupled with X draw spells. The red in Kraum also provides two things: Wheel of Fortune type effects to get more mana from Kydele, and also X damage spells as ways to win the game after generating voluminous amounts of mana with Kydele.

How? :  We can play a slower deck with a ton of removal and counterspells and use Kraum for card advantage and Kydele for ramp, finishing the game with a chain of big X spells. Kraum works really well with counterspells, because if you counter their first spell, they’re de-incentivized to play a second spell, because it will give you a card, thus eliminating the card disadvantage caused by trading a counterspell for just one card.

However, they are number three because they aren’t as flashy, since they play a slower, more incremental card advantage driven gameplan, where Kydele and some of the other pairings are super explosive.

Pairing #2: Blindfolds

Why? : Tymna when coupled with a few evasive creatures that blue provides can supply three or four extra cards per turn at the cost of no mana, which is important when aiming for huge X spells. Orzhov colors also provide a lot of good Orzhov life drain X spells as finishers, providing another win condition, because Simic colors aren’t great at finishing the game at instant speed, even with lots of mana.

How? : Some small evasive creatures to poke in for a few points of damage to get cards out of Tymna. Tokens also work quite well. We should also put in Orzhov drain spells to finish off the game.

Tymna and Kydele are in second place because they are a little unconventional, and there is a significant amount of work needing doing to achieve drawing a lot of cards with Tymna, and the payoff isn’t that good.

ONE TRUE PAIRING: Chosen Smasher

Why? : Red provides Wheel effects and X damage spells, black provides X drain spells, and Vial Smasher is just really good with big X spells? What could go wrong?

How? : X spells, X spells, and X spells. What’s that? Oh yes, X spells.




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