Commander 2016 OTP: Silas and ???


Today, we touch back in with Commander 2016 and discuss the One True Pairing (OTP)* for each Partner commander in Commander 2016. We’re going to go over a few of the top pairings, and then talk about which is the OTP, or at least my OTP.

Pairing #3 : Braised Automaton Flank, anyone?

Why? : Let’s look at Sidar Kondo and Silas Renn. Sidar provides evasion for Silas. The way that Sidar’s effect works is that it basically gives attacking creatures with power two or less psuedo-flying. Keep in mind that this works for opponent’s creatures attacking other opponents too, which can influence the timing of sequencing of playing Sidar Kondo.

How? : With Silas Renn and Sidar Kondo, we can cut a lot of the evasion giving equipment that we would usually play with Silas, and put in equipment that boosts Silas while keeping his power under two for Sidar Kondo’s effect. Things like infect and double strike are ways to pack in extra damage while still staying under two power.

However Sidar Kondo and Silas Renn are number three because green doesn’t have much support for the theme, whereas some of the other partner commanders provide better colors for the theme. Another reason is that Sidar Kondo’s evasion giving effect is not a crucial, irreplaceable effect.

Pairing #2 : Goats n’ Robots

Why? : Bruse Tarl provides two vital keywords for Silas Renn: double strike and lifelink. This helps him punch in some more damage and also gain some incidental life. Boros colors also open up a great deal of red artifact synergies, which isn’t offered by Selesnya colors.

How? : Lots of equipment, some red artifact cards like Daretti, Goblin Welder, and Scrap Mastery to bring back even more artifacts in addition to Silas’ effect. Wheel effects are useful to pitch equipment cards into the graveyard to bring them back with Silas Renn.

The reason that Bruse and Silas are in second and not first is that Bruse still has to attack to provide the keywords, so you also have to suit him up with some equipment to keep him alive, so he doesn’t die too easily. This distracts from some of the speed needed for the Silas kill, since Bruse and Silas have their own commander damage counts.

One True Pairing : Sikiri

Why? : The reason why Akiri is placed higher than Bruse Tarl is that though Akiri doesn’t provide the two extra keywords, it doesn’t force you to spread out your equipment like you have to do with Bruse, while still providing you will the Boros color pairing. However, that is not the only reason. Akiri provides a second threat, so you can go at two players at once, since Akiri is a threat that grows when you do things that you would already do : play equipment. Akiri isn’t as dependent on Silas as Bruse Tarl. Sidar and Bruse are support for Silas. Akiri is still good by itself, unlike Sidar or Bruse, but just gets better with Silas.

How? : The deck should be similar to Bruse’s. There’s not much that needs to be built differently than Bruse’s deck.

What did you think? Comment below!

*no, we’re not shipping em’. That is for another time and place.


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