I feel like being mean, a deck tech

Hey everyone. I’m back. Let’s do a deck tech.


Turn two blood moon? This is where it starts. Any deck with maindeck Blood Moon is a good one.

A neat little land destruction combo for the early game to not get behind too much. Adds in a little bit of late game of being able to rebuild from a Bust.

Crucible of Worlds and Ghost Quarter give a reusable land destruction engine to the deck, allowing you to pick out all the basic lands and then start using Ghost Quarter as a Strip Mine.


Just some standard stuff. Coupled with Simian Spirit Guide, it can come out turn two. Molten Rain also deals some incidental damage.

Fulminator Mage is a beater that can double as land destruction, or vise versa. Lightning Bolt is to pick off creatures or to grind down the opponent.

Surgical Extraction can strip opponent’s decks of vital lands, such as Tron lands. Crumble to Dust is not only land destruction, it also strips vital lands out of opponent’s decks.


A way to keep lands tapped down, and a way to drain down the opponent.

Decklist: RW Land Destruction

What do you think? Comment below!


2 thoughts on “I feel like being mean, a deck tech

  1. Oof, yup, that’s a powerful one–that would probably wreck my 8Rack deck.

    I wonder if this wants a good beater to speed up your clock once you have your opponent in land hell (since Ajani can only deal three damage every three turns, and apart from him you just have Bolts and eight 2/2s in Kird Ape and Fulminator Mage). Maybe Goblin Dark-Dwellers would be good in this shell, since there’s the trick where you can play them and then cast Boom/Bust in the Bust mode from the graveyard, and a 4/4 menace can close a game out fast… if your opponent doesn’t rage-quit first, of course.


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