Standard RG Land Destruction

Hello everyone! Today, we try to destroy some lands in Standard! However, it’ll be a little awkward, since land destruction now costs four mana.


To get land destruction on turn three, we play some mana dorks to start destroying lands on turn three.


We have fifteen land destruction spells, some of them have extra versatility or effects. Sometimes, we incidentally will face off against Aetherworks Marvel or Aetherflux Reservoir, and just wreck them.

Crumble to Dust is good, because every deck plays two or more colors, so there will always be a valid target.


Combustible Gearhulk is very powerful with the high concentration of four mana spells, and it’s also just a really big beater. World Breaker not only doubles as land destruction, it also is able to keep on coming back, since we run two Wastes and four Evolving Wilds.

Decklist: Standard Land Destruction

What do you think? Comment below!


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