MTG Commander 2016 Spoilers! : Goblin Spymaster, Boompile, Manifold Insights, Faerie Artisans, Thrasios, Triton Hero

Faerie Artisans seems bad with all the drawbacks associated, because you can’t blink the token, but it’s really just a clone that comes with a 2/2 flying body. Though being a token can sometimes be a disadvantage, Faerie Artisans can replace a Clone in almost every deck that wants one. Manifold Insights gives you the three worst cards in the top ten of your deck, which just might all be lands, depending on the composition of your deck. I’m not very high on this card, but I won’t completely strike it down without playing with it yet.

Boompile is a 4 mana boardwipe that only works half the time. It’s cheap and colorless, but it’s not always going to work. Keep in mind it destroys all nonland permanents, not just creatures. Some decks that don’t have on color boardwipes might play this, but Nev’s Disk seems better. Goblin Spymaster basically makes opponents attack each turn if possible, unless they have some sort of sacrifice outlet. In token or Voltron decks, this card can be powerful because it affects all opponents, and gets them open so you can kill them.


Thrasios, Triton Hero is a cheap card advantage engine. It ramps and draws some cards. It seems good with Kydele or Vial Smasher, when you have cards like Training Grounds or Illusionist’s Bracers to activate it for cheaper and for more effect.

What do you think about these cards? Comment below!


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