MTG Commander 2016 Spoilers! : Murmuring Bosk, Akiri, Rope Thrower, Conqueror’s Flail


First Strike, Vigilance

~ gains +1/+0 for each artifact you control.


Akiri seems good with Silas, in a equipment based Voltron deck. First Strike and Vigilance are a nice set of abilities, but strapping more abilities on with additional equipment. Nothing too overwhelming.


Tap Symbol: Add Green to your mana pool.

As Murmuring Bosk enters the battlefield, you may reveal a Treefolk card from your hand. If you don’t, Murmuring Bosk enters the battlefield tapped.

Tap Symbol: Add White Mana or Red Mana to your mana pool. Murmuring Bosk deals 1 damage to you.

We also have a reprint of Murmuring Bosk, which means we may get the rest of the Murmuring Bosk tribal reveal land cycle. Maybe, but not that probable.


Conqueror’s Flail is a good equipment for aggressive Voltron decks, because it helps counter decks that run lots of counterpspells, which can be problematic if you are playing a strategy that solely relies on one or two cards. Conqueror’s Flail also can provide a +4/+4 boost of stats if we pair Silas with Akiri or Bruse Tarl.

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