Hello! I’m hyped to talk about these new spoilers with you. They’re amazing! We not only get four color commanders, we also get ten other commanders with the new keyword: Partner. Partner means you can have two commanders as your commander, as long as they both have the keyword partner. That means a ton of new commanders! Amazing! Each deck will contain:

  • A four-color legendary creature (new characters but from known worlds) printed at mythic rare
  • An allied two-color legendary creature with partner (characters fromMagic‘s past that haven’t yet been printed as cards) printed at mythic rare
  • Two enemy two-color legendary creatures with partner (characters fromMagic‘s past that haven’t yet been printed as cards that are creatively linked to one another), one printed at mythic rare and the other at rare

– excerpt from Wizards website


Let’s talk about Atraxa. Besides being grossly undercosted based on the abilities printed on the card, it’s an amazing commander because it not only offers flexibility, because of the many colors, it also offers a powerful effect that can really explode in a counter based deck. Not to mention I can see people using her as a Voltron commander that just accumulates more and more counters while beating down with a slew of amazing keywords. I’m impressed.

Silas Renn seem okay, nothing overwhelming. It’s interesting to see how cards with partner will fit together. Silas seems good in a voltron-y self mill deck with a lot of equipment to bring back once Silas has evasion. I’m interested in what other commanders he will pair well with. Bruse Tarl seems like it may be a good pairing for Silas, as it offers access to the two traditional voltron colors: red and white, while also allowing Silas to gain a ton of life and deal a ton of damage with his ability. By himself, he’s not much different from any other Boros commander: he wants to attack, and hard. The fact that he’s an Ally is cool, so he can slot into General Tazri or Munda if people want.

Sidar Kondo is a little underwhelming. Sure, he plays well with Bruse if you want to give small creatures double strike and lifelink, but he really isn’t that good. I liked the other two much more. Kraum is a nice commander in a counterspell deck because you can counter the first spell they play, and then there is an incentive for them to not cast anymore, even though many of them will, giving you the extra card. I’m excited to brew around this gut, but I’m unsure who to pair him with.

Vial Smasher the Fierce from Tarkir returns! This may be the pair for Kraum, since you’ll be playing a lot of spells on other people’s turns, with all the counterspells going on. That seems like the best pairing by far. You really need blue or white if you want to play a very reactive deck, which is where Vile Smasher wants to be. Kydele seems like a powerful card, but I will be waiting to see if there are any intensive card draw partners coming up. Kraum does draw cards, but not enough to justify partnering with Kydele.

Just by releasing twenty commanders, they’ve made over a hundred commanders because you can mix and match all the partner commanders. It’s a very innovative and creative way to bring so many new commander effects to the table, while not printing that many new commanders. I’m impressed! Bravo, Wizards!


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