Bant Modern Multicolor Tribal!

Today, we brew a really powerful and original deck. This is an idea I had when looking through some old cards, and seeing the “-blade” cycle. This deck can get really insane, playing 3/3 fliers for one mana, and 9/9s for four mana. The deck plays incredibly efficient creatures while disrupting the opponent. Let’s get brewing!


We play twenty-eight creatures, so it just makes sense to play cards that help us get our creatures out cheaper and faster. These cards are powerful yet unexciting, but trust me, the rest of the deck is guaranteed to excite.




Judge’s Familiar will be important for other reasons later, but this card is just amazing when it helps to disrupt a combo or stave off a removal spell or boardwipe. Threat of activation is just amazing on this card, and it’s also just a 1/1 flier for 1, which allows it to start getting in for one per turn very early on.


Following up a turn one Judge’s Familiar, these cards come down as 3/2s with upside. Bant Sureblade isn’t amazing, but the first strike allows it to attack through a lot of other creatures. Naya Hushblade just provides an attacker that just keeps beating, and can’t be stopped by removal spells that slower decks rely on to defend against aggressive decks. Esper Sureblade is the best by a reasonably wide margin, since it’s almost guaranteed to get in for three damage per turn.

Meddling Mage is just a nice card to play because it plays into the multicolor theme, and it also just stops a lot of decks in their tracks. Voice of Resurgence also plays into the multicolor theme, and is also just a great, efficient creature.


Knight of New Alara is our “lord” for this deck. For any of the “-blade” creatures, they get +3/+3. Judge’s Familiar gets +2/+2, and Transguild Courier gets +5/+5. Though it’s vulnerable, when it doesn’t get reviewed, you just straight up win.

Decklist: Modern Multicolor Tribal

What do you think? Comment below!


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