Portal Three Kingdoms Storyline, Explained : Part Five, Empty City Plan


Hello everyone! This is the fifth part of a series educating you about Chinese culture and history, employing Portal Three Kingdoms Magic: the Gathering cards. You can find the first part, second part, third part, and fourth parts in their respective links. Now, let’s talk about today’s story: the Empty City Plan or the Empty City Ruse.


Zhu Geliang, the Shu strategist, was transporting supplies to Xicheng. However, 150,000 enemy troops were moving in to the city that they were moving through. Everyone was panicking, but Zhu Geliang had a plan, and told them not to panic. Very quickly, he told the residents of the city to stay in their houses and to not make a sound. He had two of his soldiers open the doors to the city and begin to sweep the floor in front of the city. He had two young schoolboys come with him to the top of the walls. Then, he began to play the Qin.

Not long after, the enemy troops approached. Once they saw the confident Zhu Geliang atop the wall, they began to get frisky. Why was he so calm? It had to be a trap, they thought. Fearing an ambush, they withdrew from the confrontation.

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