Undervalued Commanders: Reveka, Wizard Savant


Today, we talk about a seriously under-valued Commander for the EDH format. It doesn’t seem powerful, but paired with a bunch of cheap enchantments and equipment, it’s a powerful deck that is also very competitive.

Basilisk Collar is a powerful equipment because you can use Reveka to shoot down creatures. Gorgon’s Head does the same.

Ophidian Eye and Curiosity keeps your hand full and lets you keep on stacking on the enchantments and equipment on Reveka.

Pemmin’s Aura and Freed from the Real are just too good with Reveka. Just strap on a few enchantments or equipment and start machine gunning creatures. It can get really out of hand with these types on effects.

Magewright’s Stone and Thousand-Year Elixir help you get an extra ping from Reveka, and Thousand-Year Elixir can also give you an extra ping on the turn when you drop it.

Dismiss into Dream is also a card kind of like the deathtouch equipment, although it can also hit things with Indestructible, since they have to sacrifice it. Sigil of Sleep is a great card because when you ping an opponent, you can bounce one of their creatures. With Pemmin’s Aura and Freed from the Real, you can reduce people’s board state with Sigil of Sleep, and it’s only one mana.

Charisma and Willbreaker can help you steal other people’s commanders to mess up their gameplans or you can steal really big creatures to further your own gameplan.

Fatestitcher also helps you get an extra tap off Reveka or can help mess with some extra stuff like tapping down attackers. Illusionist’s Bracers doubles up the number of pings you get off of Reveka, and is especially powerful with Pemmin’s Aura and Freed from the Real.

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