Portal Three Kingdoms Storyline, Explained : Part Four, Grass Boats Borrowing Arrows

Hello everyone! Today, we move to the next chapter of the Portal Three Kingdoms story with the story: Grass Boats Borrowing Arrows. You can read the first part, second part, and the third part here.

At this point, the Peach Garden Oath has been said, Zhu Geliang has joined the Shu (Liu Bei), and the Shu and the Wu have joined forces against the stronger Wei (Cao Cao).


However, since Cao Cao controlled the imperial army and all of its supplies. The lead Wu strategist, Zhou Yu met with the Shu strategist, Zhu Geliang. Zhou Yu, jealous of Zhu Geliang, tasked him with producing 100,000 arrows within ten days, a seemingly unachievable task. Zhou Yu tasked a servant to keep an eye on Zhu Geliang, lest he have any tricks up his sleeve.

However, Zhu Geliang thought of a plan. He looked at the skies, and predicted that there was fog incoming. He prepared twenty large boats, and filled them with grass people. The servant was bewildered. Zhu Geliang invited the servant aboard one of the boats for tea, and then gave the order for the boats to head towards the enemy camp once the fog began to roll in. He also ordered people to beat drums, to signal an attack.

His enemies, the Wei, stirred by the drumming, were confused. Thinking the boats were filled with soldiers, they began to loose barrage after barrage of arrows. They all stuck into the grass people’s bodies. The servant, who was having tea with Zhu Geliang in one of the boats, was frightened by the noise of arrows thudding into grass. After a while, Zhu Geliang ordered to have the boats pulled back.

After counting the arrows, it became apparent that Zhu Geliang had acquired far more than the desired amount.

That’s the story of Grass Boats Borrowing Arrows.

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