Standard Grixis Emerge

Hello everyone! Today, we’re going to go over a Grixis Emerge/ Dredge-y deck. It’s super powerful, and can really go off sometimes.


We have both Tormenting Voice and Cathartic Reunion to discard some of our graveyard creatures on turn two. They keep us stable of cards, but they also put cards in the graveyard that we want in the graveyard.

On turn one, we have Lightning Axe, which kills every creature in the format other than a lot of the Eldrazi. Insolent Neonate cycles, and often gets in a damage or two before you have to sacrifice it.


Scrapheap Scrounger is a really aggressive beatdown creature, which is what we want, and he can exile lands and other useless cards out of your graveyard to get him back if he dies. Stitchwing Skaab and Haunted Dead not only help us fill up our graveyard and they keep on coming back if they die. Haunted Dead also leaves behind a spirit token.


Prized Amalgam adds a little bit of extra value to our recursion creatures, because it comes back whenever we bring back any of our recursive creatures.


We also have some emerge creatures to get extra value out of recursive creatures. Elder Deep-Fiend can tap down a bunch of blockers, or you can flash it in on opponent’s turns to tap down their lands. Distended Mindbender is a really nice way to strip your opponent’s hand of any cards that can hurt our strategy.

Decklist: Grixis Emerge

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