Standard Mono R Artifact Aggro

Hello everyone! Today, I bring you a deck tech for a nice mono red deck that can win really fast.


Bomat Courier is just a card that I’m crazy about. It’s just so much value on a one drop. It’s even better in this deck, because this deck really wants to get hellbent. Cracking it on turn three or four and then playing whatever you get from the face down pile is a nice way to get hellbent. Inventor’s Apprentice is going to be a 2/3 a large percentage of the time. There are 28 artifacts in the deck.


Lupine Prototype is one of the benefits of playing a really aggressive deck, because we can often attack with it on turn three, if we hit it on curve. Smuggler’s Copter is not technically a creature, but it’s really good. Starting to get in for three every turn and cycle through cards is just really what we want to be doing.


Foundry Inspector, with the 28 artifacts in our deck, just saves us so much mana. Chief of the Foundry pumps up basically every creature. It even makes Smuggler’s Copter a 4/4!


Reckless Bushwhacker is a finisher that we can play after we’ve already filled the board with small creatures. It often adds another 6-7 damage to the board, especially since it itself has haste.


Fleetwheel Cruiser is a really good vehicle, because it adds five power to the board out of no where. It’s crew cost is also quite undercosted. Metalwork Colossus provides a nice late game plan. We can often get it out turn five or turn six, and it’s really big. We can also keep getting it back.


Ghirapur Orrery is really good because the extra land drop doesn’t really help anyone after turn four, because they’ve already played most of their lands. The draw three cards if you’re hellbent effect is also very powerful, and this deck is very good at getting hellbent. Key to the City can help you draw some extra cards, and then give your big beaters like Lupine Prototype or Metalwork Colossus unblockable.



We also have Galvanic Bombardment for some removal or extra reach.

Decklist: Mono R Artifact Aggro

What do you think? Comment below!


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