4-Color Modern Wall Tribal Infinite Combo

Hello everyone! Today, I’m going to talk about an infinite combo deck in Modern. The way it works is enchanting Axebane Guardian with Crab Umbra and Freed from the Real and then tapping Axebane for mana, and then using Crab Umbra or Freed from the Real to untap it, and repeat, generating infinite mana as long as you have enough defenders on the battlefield.


We have a couple different accelerants. Overgrown Battlement can produce a lot of mana, although it can’t combo off, since it produces only green mana. The other two creatures are both nice mana producers that also have defender so they boost your defender count.


We also have a few walls with the sole purpose of defending. Steel Wall turn one blanks most one and two drops, and Fog Bank blanks everything, and doesn’t even die to bolt Wall of Denial has shroud, so it can’t die to removal at all, and blocks anything in Modern besides maybe Tron.


Sphinx’s Revelation can draw you into Banefire, as long as you don’t deck yourself. Banefire, along with infinite mana, means infinite uncounterable damage. Pretty good.


Jeskai Barricade is not only a defender, but it also can protect your creatures from removal or unfavorable blocks. Chord of Calling can tutor up Axebane Guardian for the combo at instant speed, and it has favorable interactions with Wall of Roots.

Decklist: Wall Tribal

What do you think? Comment below!


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