Temur Tempo in Standard

Hello everyone! Today, we’re going to do some Temur Tempo in Standard. It’s a deck that runs a combination of efficient creatures, removal, counterspells, and pump spells. It’s really fun to play.


Bomat Courier is a nice creature that I talked about earlier, in the Kaladesh spoiler season. It’s a 1/1 with the upside of refilling your hand in the late game. Kessig Prowler is just a one mana 2/1 with late game value. Village Messenger is a one mana 1/1 haste with upside. These are all slightly above curve (taking haste into account), and all translate into the late game somewhat decently.



Our two drop creature spot is pretty uncrowded, since a lot of our reactionary spells/ removal spells are two drops, and we can also just play a pair of one drops on turn two, since we have a plethora of those. Voltaic Brawler is probably the most efficient two drop in Standard for this deck, because it can attack for four in two subsequent turns.


We run three different three drops, though no more than two of each. Nebelgast Herald is a nice reactionary spell that can tap something down end of turn, or just tap down a blocker if you’re going all in. It can also just flash in and block or come in to provide another two damage. It’s pretty flexible. Sin Prodder is a 3/2 menace, so it has some built in evasion, and it can provide some extra damage with it’s other effect, or draw us a few cards. Hanweir Garrison is mostly played as a one-of so that sometimes we can get it melded with Hanweir Battlements some small fraction of the time. It can also just attack for four damage as a three drop.



Blossoming Defense is a nice card that can get in some extra damage and blank a removal spell.

Harnessed Lightning synergises with Voltaic Brawler, and can provide some damage to remove blockers. Galvanic Bombardment is also used to clear out blockers, and it gets really good as the game goes long, and you get more copies of it.


Attune with Aether helps you mana fix, because we are a three color deck, with a small blue splash. It also provides energy for Voltaic Brawler and Harnessed Lightning. It might be a little too congested in the one drop slot, but it might work.


Revolutionary Rebuff is a nice card in this deck. I like it because you can one drop and then leave up this and a few other spells. It’s often just a straight up two mana counterspell, which I like.

Decklist: Temur Standard Tempo

What do you think? Comment below!




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