UB Kaladesh Metalwork Colossus Deck


Today, we are going to turbo out Metalwork Colossus in Standard! Let’s do it! The main idea is going to be to turbo out Metalwork Colossus with a huge board of artifacts, so you can keep on bringing it back if needed.

We have a nice suite of mana rocks/ mana creatures to help boost the artifact count and to get more mana to spend on Metalwork Colossus.

These two artifacts can help you draw a few cards to help you find the Metalwork Colossus. It also helps to boost your artifact count.

Foundry Inspector helps us get our artifact count up by reducing the artifact costs. Filigree Familiar is a nice little creature that can gain us some life, and can draw us a card when it blocks an attacker or is sacrificed to Metalwork Colossus.

Key to the City is a nice way to cycle through cards and getting through our Metalwork Colossus. Glint-Nest Crane is a nice way to get a few points of damage in and to dig a through our deck for our Metalwork Colossuses or some more artifacts to up our artifact count.

Decklist: UB Metalwork Colossus

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