UG Standard Aetherworks Marvel Eldrazi Energy Combo


Today, we’re going to be brewing around Aetherworks Marvel. There’s two ways to brew this: you can either focus on its first ability and let it produce energy for itself, or you can produce energy from external sources. This way, you can combo off turn four, instead of beginning to combo off on turn four.


We ran Aether Hub in the deck to help provide energy, but we can also use the energy to provide mana of any color, but we don’t often have mana issues, because we only have two colors, and they are reasonably evenly split in terms of mana needs.

Sage of Shaila’s Claim is a nice creature that can trade for most two drops, and it gives you a significant amount of energy when it enters the battlefield. Servant of the Conduit can help you combo off turn three, if you really need to.

Glimmer of Genius is a nice creature to help dig for Aetherworks Marvel, and to get a few energy along the way. Contingency Plan is a way to set up an Emrakul or an Ulamog on top of our library for Aetherworks Marvel.

Aether Theorist is a nice way to produce energy, because it produces three energy, and can also help you dig up Aetherworks Marvel or set up a big Emrakul or Ulamog on top. Attune with Aether thins out your deck, gets you energy, and kind of fixes your mana in some cases.

Glassblower’s Puzzleknot can enter and give you energy and dig for a Aetherworks Marvel or an Eldrazi titan. Woodweaver’s Puzzleknot not only gives you energy, it also gives you a few more life to live a little longer, since you don’t have that many real creatures.

These are the Eldrazi titans that we will get with Aetherworks Marvel. You can set these up with the variety of deck manipulation you have in the decks.

Decklist: Aetherworks Marvel

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