Standard RW Vehicles

Hello everyone! Today, I’m going to do a deck tech on an aggressive RW vehicle deck in Standard.

As for the pilots of the vehicles, we have Veteran Motorist, which crews anything in the deck, and gives it a power boost. It even filters through extra lands as it enters the battlefield. Depala, Pilot Exemplar is the top end of our pilots, but it boosts vehicles, can crew any of the vehicles in the deck, and can refill your hand. I really like it on the top end of this deck.

Inventor’s Apprentice is usually a 2/3 for one, because we have a bunch of low cost artifacts in the deck, such as Smuggler’s Copter. Toolcraft Exemplar attacks as a 3/2 for one, which is also pretty good, and we can usually curve this into an artifact on turn two.

Gearshift Ace is really important when matching up against smaller creatures with the high power, low toughness vehicles we have in the deck. Speedway Fanatic is really good to curve into a Renegade Freighter, swing out for five on turn three.


Start your Engines is in there as a funky one of to help win really fast. It can really run away with some games.

Renegade Freighter is nothing special, but it can have some ridiculous turns with Speedway Fanatic. Smuggler’s Copter is a really above curve flier that helps cycle through lands. It’s really good in this deck, especially when it gets boosted by Depala or Veteran Motorist.


Fleetwheel Cruiser is the most all in vehicle. I like it because it can just come down out of nowhere to hit for a ton of damage.

Declaration in Stone and Incendiary Flow are both some removal spells to help clear the way for the big vehicles to hit our opponent directly.

Decklist: RW Vehicles

What do you think? Comment below!


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