Kaladesh Prerelease Event Report


Hello everyone! As some people suggested, I’m going to do an event report on my prerelease.

For my prerelease, I opened a mediocre pool and built an okay WB Servo token deck, and ended up going 2-1-1, getting three prize packs.

Here’s my deck:

Artifact (6)

Enchantment (1)

The deck is a little creature light, but the creature quality of my pool was low. I tried to compensate by having a lot of token producers. I had a decent amount of removal, and had some synergies. I used Aviary Mechanic a few times to pick up a big fabricate creature to replay it for a bunch of Servo tokens.

A summary of the tournament:

Round 1: vs. RW Aggro. G1 – Lost to a fast start, sideboarded in some more creatures and went less all in token themed G2 – won, G3 – won

Round 2: vs. BU Control G1 – Won due to opponent mana flooding, and a timely removal spell taking out a Metalwork Colossus G2- Won through a Dovin Baan with a turn five Inspired Charge on a ton of Servos

Round 3: vs. GW Energy G1 – Lost, sideboarded in some more creatures G2 – lost again, just too fast of a deck.

Round 4: drew

I really liked the environment, but sometimes boards got clogged with all the tokens and more defensive creatures. I really liked vehicles despite first impressions, because they were really good beaters, especially Runaway Freighter. A lot of more complex play and combat math was needed due to the fact that crewing was a thing. It’s no paradise, but I like the format.

What do you think? Comment below!



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