Kaladesh Giveaway!


Hello everyone! This is going to be the second pack giveaway for this blog!


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Comment your twitter handle and an idea for a blog post below

Three Kaladesh Booster Packs


October 1st

Good luck!





10 thoughts on “Kaladesh Giveaway!

  1. @JordanLJohnson3

    A good blog idea would be hosting a cosplay contest but the the theme would be MTG. I think this is a good blog idea for the community to really get involved.

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  2. @beholdMTG

    So, I have a few ideas…
    (1) Guess card designs for Aether Revolt. (For instance, we can probably guess that we’re getting cards for Baral, Tezzeret, and another planeswalker–what might they do?)
    (2) Event reports–I’d be interested to read your breakdown of what happened when you played at an FNM or a larger event; things like this can yield nice insight into a format (and on my own blog I’ve found doing event reports is helping me catch my own mistakes a lot better)
    (3) DeckSmash–Make a few brews for Kaladesh standard, battle them against each other on tappedout or a similar site where you pilot both, write about what you learned from the games and matches you played both sides of and any changes you might consider making to the decks

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  3. @GregSellers1975

    I’m 40 yo, and only just getting into Magic for the first time, for about six months now… Have played standard and commander Built a solid commander deck from scratch even though I’m a newbie. An interesting blog post would be about the difference between how magic is learned by children/teens as opposed to older adults. It’s been pretty intimidating going to FNM and everyone is half or 1/4 my age. Yet I totally love it and want to learn. Don’t have the absorb-everything sponge brain that the kids do. I’m slower at “getting it” about how different cards and mechanics work. Such an overwhelming game to learn. But I don’t want to give up. Interesting territory for discussion sometime…

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  4. I’m new to Magic, and so far this is the best card game I have ever played. I am hyped for the Kaladesh but lack the funds to get more than 2 packs, so hopefully i win this. An idea for a blog post would probably be something around the lines of “A History of Magic”, a post that tells you about the humble beginings of the game and maybe a little storyline; Its just a thought haha.

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