9/13 Kaladesh Spoilers! Authority of the Consulate and Blossoming Defense!

Hello everyone! I had a late night yesterday, so I’ll highlight some of my favorites from yesterday’s spoilers today. First up, we have Authority of the Consulate which is just an amazing card. For a one mana enchantment, it slows down attacks by one turn and gains you a life whenever they drop a creature. I really like Enchantress in Modern, and this card would fit right in. Some decks might even sideboard it in for Zoo, which is doing very well. Blossoming Defense is an important card because it goes well into Infect. It’s a one mana protection spell that also gives the creature +2/+2. It’s basically half a vines of vastwood. The only thing like this is Apostle’s Blessing, but that cost two life and doesn’t boost the power.

What do you think? Comment below!


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