GR Energy Tempo / Aggro

Hello everyone! Today, I’m going to take a spoiler break and I’m going to do a deck tech! Today, we have a GR Energy Aggressive deck.

First, we have a few two drop Energy threats. Longtusk Cub is a nice creature when you force it in with this deck’s powerful removal suite. It grows every turn, or provides more energy for your more powerful threats like Voltaic Brawler. Voltaic Brawler is a really good creature, because it attacks for four damage per turn. It’s probably the best threat in the deck, and you really want to have energy to attack with it for four every turn. Thriving Grubs is a kind of filler threat, but it’s still basically a 3/2 for most intensive purposes.

Pia Nalaar provides three power of attackers over two bodies. The fire-breathing for the thopter is also a good mana sink. Bedlam Reveler is very good in this deck, since we run 16 instants and sorceries. It’s a great threat when it’s out, because it combos well with all our removal spells and refills your hand when it enters the battlefield.

Chandra, Torch of Defiance is really good in this deck, because it creates card advantage, and can deal tons of damage. It’s a good finisher in this deck, and can ramp you into more threats or removal spells. Arlinn Kord can help pump up your threat or produce some more 2/2 wolf threats. The flipped version can remove blockers or bolt your opponents or pump up your whole team.

Lightning Axe is designed to help clear out blockers. Fiery Temper and Lightning Axe is a nice little combo. Fiery Temper can also either take out a creature or it can help take down a player.

Harnessed Lightning can also take out a creature. It’s great, because it can take out creatures and not waste any damage doing it. If you want to take out a two toughness creature, then you have an extra energy to use to power up your threats. Incendiary Flow is also pretty flexible, because you can take out a creature or hit your opponent.

Decklist: GR Energy Tempo / Aggro

What do you think? Comment below!


2 thoughts on “GR Energy Tempo / Aggro

  1. Hah, I dig it–I was just theorizing that this deck might be a thing on my own blog (

    I like a lot of what you’ve come up with–I didn’t see Longtusk Cub for this, but you’re right, backed with removal to get past blockers, that could work very well. I also like Bedlam Reveler as a curve-topper–great for a deck that wants to dump its hand. My two main thoughts are, I’m not sure about Pia (not sure she’s aggressive enough, and the ability to prevent a block is good, but single-use, and on her own she has an undersized body). I’d say replace her with Lathnu Hellion–interacts better with the energy subtheme, and hits super-hard!

    Also, four green sources feels optimistic. Game trail is probably better than Cinder Glade here because it can enter untapped on turn one. For better odds of hitting Brawler on-curve, maybe something like 11 Mountain, 4 Game Trail, 7 Forest?


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