9/2 Kaladesh Spoilers! Legendaries and Saheeli Rai

Hello everyone! Today, we got a ton of great Kaladesh spoilers to kick off the spoiler season! Rashmi, Eternities Crafter is basically cascade for the first spell you cast every turn, except that you have the option to put it into your hand if you can’t cast it (it’s a land) or you don’t want to cast it yet. It’s great, but not exactly the commander of the deck. It’s great in the 99. Depala, Pilot Exemplar is a great commander. Vehicles cause you to tap a creature to turn them into creatures, so this not only boosts them and all your dwarves, it also digs for more vehicles and dwarves whenever you tap it to turn on a vehicle. I’m not sure about how good the dwarves are going to be, but the vehicles I’ve seen so far are pretty amazing.

Aetherborn is a new creature type from Kaladesh! This particular Aetherborn legendary, Gonti isn’t the best as a commander since it’s ETB effect is hard to retrigger in mono-black. It seems good in some 99s though. Now we get to Saheeli Rai, the newest planeswalker from Kaladesh! It’s first attack scries one and pings each opponent. The second ability creates a copy of a artifact you control, although it exiles itself at the next end step. That’s not that good. The ultimate is basically you win the game, like most. She doesn’t seem that good outside of artifact heavy decks, and not even that good inside of them. I don’t really like her, to be honest.

Aetherworks Marvel is a card you can do a lot of crazy things with. Playing this on turn four and sacrificing a bunch of permanents to cheat out something really big seems just so good. I’m interested in this card in Modern with Ironworks and Wurmcoils to cheat out. It features energy counters, a new concept in the game. They’re basically an extra resource that some cards produce and/or require. Skysovereign, Consul Flagship is the next legendary card for today. When it becomes a creature, it’s a 6/5 flier that bolts something that’s not a player when it attacks. I don’t exactly like it either, since it seems really hard to set up the crew cost outside of Commander. In commander however, it seems like a pretty good choice for any artifact heavy deck.

What do you think? Comment below!



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