9/5 Kaladesh Spoilers! Wispweaver Angel, Longtusk Cub, Voltaic Brawler


Welcome back to another batch of Kaladesh spoilers! Wispweaver Angel is Restoration Angel that cost two more mana and has slightly boosted power and toughness. It’s a good budget alternative/ extra copy for EDH decks.


Voltaic Brawler is a card I’m really excited about. I definitely see the card in Standard, in some sort of aggressive deck, since it attacks as a 4/3 trampler for two mana, which is simply amazing. In Modern, it seems a little weird, since you can invest energy in it, and then it can get bolted, putting you down mana and energy. Maybe, though.


I’m also really stoked for Longtusk Cub in some sort of aggressive deck. It’s a 2/2 with upside. It can generate energy for Voltaic Brawler, or it can power itself up. I think that some sort of GR aggressive energy deck will be good in Kaladesh Standard.

What do you think? Comment below!




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