Futuristic Technology on Kaladesh

This is just a little post about how futuristic technological advances are on Kaladesh. I expected more steampunk like technology, but this technology is more advanced than things we currently have.

These cards show that Kaladesh not only has cars, but the cars are also extremely fast and elegant at the same time. This definitely seems futuristic to me.

Sky Skiff and Skysovereign show that Kaladesh also has access to hovercrafts. It’s amazing that they would be able to make something as large as the Consul Flagship fly. Propeller Pioneer also shows that they have jet-pack like things that allow them to fly.

With all these futuristic inventions so far, there’s one big question. Weapons. There are weapons in every conflict. We actually haven’t seen many yet. I don’t think we should expect many swords, at least not ones without huge improvements. I really wonder if this is the plane we get guns. We’ve got jetpacks, hovercraft, and cars, so why not?





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