Kaladesh Spoilers! Inventor’s Fair Legendary Land!


Inventor’s Fair is the first official spoiler for Kaladesh. It’s a legendary land. Before we talk about the card, I want to talk about one other thing. The watermark. It’s a planeswalker watermark. Since the storyline is that the Gatewatch are called in by the ruling class and have a major role in the plot, it’s possible that the Gatewatch-affiliated cards have a planeswalker watermark.

The card itself is quite good. It’s basically a free utility land for some less mana greedy artifact based decks in Standard and Modern. It starts to gain you life when you have three or more artifacts. (non keyworded metalcraft, eh?) In the late game, it gives you an uncounterable Fabricate to tutor out a combo piece. Some controlling Standard decks may want this. In Modern, I could see Lantern Control play one or two as a way to find more pieces for the hard lock and to gain some life to slow down the beats. It’s also a fine choice for any Artifact based EDH decks out there. It’s going to be a real field day for those decks once the entire set comes out.

What do you think? Comment below!




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