Commander Spotlight! Grenzo, Havoc Raiser


This is the commander spotlight for the new Goblin commander from Conspiracy 2, Grenzo, Havoc Raiser! We’re going to be a token deck with some goblin synergies. In Commander Spotlights, we don’t like at the more mundane or obvious choices for a deck, we just give a few highlights for the deck.

Goblin Rabblemaster gives you token a turn, and can do a ton of damage when it attacks with a big team of tokens. Krenko doubles the number of tokens you have each turn. Goblin Piledriver just gets huge when it attacks. It gets two power for each other attacking goblin. That’s just fantastic.

Bedlam is just the dream for you. Every turn, you get to swing out and either goad a bunch of opponent’s creatures to attack someone other than you (that person can’t even block) or get a bunch of card advantage. Goblin War Drums gives all your creatures menace, which means your opponent can now only block half as many creatures. That’s amazing.

War Cadence taxes opponents for blocking. It costs you trivial amounts of mana, but makes in exponentially harder to block all your creatures. Break Through the Line doesn’t look that good, but when you Break Through the Line on a Goblin Piledriver or Goblin Rabblemaster, it doesn’t get it’s power boost until it attacks, so all the damage will be unblockable. That’s a surefire way to win the game.

Lantern of Insight is a way for you to see who has the juiciest cards on top of their library for you to steal. Oblivion Sower is great. Your deck needs lots of ramp, since you need a lot of mana to steal cards off of other people’s libraries.


Fumiko also gets super boosted when it gets blocked, so it’s almost impossible to kill in combat. It also makes all creatures your opponents control attack every turn. This leaves them open. Even if they attack you, you have so many chump blockers.

What do you think? Comment below!




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