Commander Spotlight! Queen Marchesa


This week, we’re going to do a bunch of Conspiracy 2 Commander spotlights! Today, we’re doing Marchesa! The deck is going to be a really defensive pillowfort-y deck that wins slowly but surely while drawing extra cards every turn because you’re the monarch.

Skyline Despot is pretty amazing in the deck. It generates 5/5 fliers every single turn. It’s a major win condition. Even if the monarchy is stolen from you, the evasive 5/5s can easily get it back. Custodi Lich enters and gives you an edict effect on a stick. Then, it discourages people from taking the Monarchy because when you get it back, you get yet another edict effect. Garrulous Sycophant is also another way to continuously apply pressure and solidify your lead by pecking away at opponents and gaining small increments of life.

Marchesa’s Decree does two things: it gets you back the monarchy and it discourages attacks, playing into the pillowfort theme of the deck. Protector of the Crown is the same. It absorbs attempts on the monarchy, and steals the monarchy when it enters the battlefield.

Norn’s Annex and Archangel of Tithes are both great pillowfort cards. Norn’s Annex against non-white decks costs them two life per attack, and is still good against white decks. Archangel of Tithes also helps tax attackers, and can also help when you go on the offensive to take the crown back or get in some points of damage. A tapped out opponent can’t block against this card!

Thalia, Heretic Cathar helps slow down aggressive decks so they can’t pick off the crown too early. It also punishes decks with greedy mana bases. Blind Obedience does the same thing for creatures, and can just be utterly devastating against artifact centric decks such as Muzzio or Sharuum.

Ghostly Prison is just what it looks like. Angelic Arbiter is a really mean card, especially against creature based decks. Attacking means they can’t play more creatures, and playing creatures means they can’t attack. It’s simply brutal.

A few more ways to take back the monarchy are: using Restoration Angel to blink Marchesa or one of your other ETB monarchy stealing creatures. Rogue’s Passage just lets you send any creature in to take back the monarchy.

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