New Information on Kaladesh Mechanics


In a recent Tumblr post, Maro said that there would be no returning named mechanics in Kaladesh:

This reaffirms that Contraptions will not be in the set, even though it has already been said several times. (because assemble is a mechanic)

This means no Affinity, Metalcraft, and no Meld. (Meld would’ve been nice to see. Machines combining 🙂 )

This doesn’t really tell us much about what will be in the set, but it does rule out some possibilities.

From Raptorchan on MTGSalvation:

When we’ve seen any standard block without returning mechanics last time?

SOI – Madness
BFZ – Landfall
Tarkir – Morph
Theros – Scry
RTR – Hybrid mana (edit: Spilt Cards)
Innistrad – Flashback
Scars – Imprint
Zendikar – Kicker
Alara – Cycling

It’ll be cool to see more new mechanics, instead of returning ones. It’ll make the set feel fresher.

What do you think?


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