Mardu Tokens Bloodthrone Fling

This is a little deck that thought of. It’s a deck with a lot of removal and hand disruption. It generates tokens through Lingering Souls and Monastery Mentor in conjunction with the removal and the hand disruption. It’s a pretty Standard token build, but I added a little finisher at the end. It’s Bloodthrone Vampire + Fling. We can attack with our tokens, then sacrifice them to Bloodthrone Vampire and Fling it at our opponent. In the worst case, Bloodthrone Vampire always needs to be blocked, because it’s quite threatening and can just eat blockers up. It’s just an idea I had. It’s not very good, though. The tests showed that I needed to disrupt their hand to search for removal before the combo. That was a little awkward.

Decklist: Mardu Tokens

Land (23)


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